We all live within certain rhythms. Our collective rhythms as individuals and communities can either enhance life, or it can destroy it. Most of us have some helpful and hindering rhythms. As “Rhythm of Life” we collaborate in order to create lives that become life-giving. Our inspiration comes from the life of Jesus. Jesus invites us into communities that live lives that become in sync with the “unforced rhythms of grace”.

As “Rhythm of Life” we are passionately involved in creating relationships and spaces where we can embody spiritual formation. Since 2003 we have been on an adventure discovering what it means to create communities living a Rhythm of Life that will be redemptive for our South African society. That is why our tagline is, “embodying spiritual formation for the sake of the world”. We partner with churches, NGO’s and friends to create adventures in formation. Our website provides some information that can tell you about us, but we would love to connect with you and discern how we can seek the kingdom of God together.