Who we are

A little bit of our storie(s)

Adri-Marie van HeerdenMy name is Adri-Marie van Heerden. I’m a South African follower and fan of Jesus. I’m passionate about the beauty, restoration and justice that God’s Kingdom causes in, through and around us. I’m part of Oasis (www.oasisza.org), a global organisation of people that works towards restoring dignity among excluded communities, bringing together spiritual formation (through the Rhythm of Life) and mission in a very practical way. Together with a few friends I was part of forming The Rhythm of Life 8 years ago while I was a high-school teacher, and then re-working it in a different context through Oasis. I live in Cosmo City, a housing-development in north-west Johannesburg where I’m trying to figure out how to make a garden and be a good neighbour.


Tom SmithMy name is Tom Smith and I am a pastor with a passion for integrating the worlds of spiritual formation and mission, I am married to Lollie and we have two children – Tayla(10) and Liam(8). Lollie and I lived in the USA for three years and came back to South Africa in 2003. When we came back to South Africa we planted a church with a group of friends and started an experiment with a community rule of life. Now, nine years later, the experiment has grown into the Rhythms of life. I have a passion for the outdoors, books and great coffee. I also have the privilege of doing my PhD at the moment. I’m the author of Raw Spirituality and co-author of the Afrikaans book 7 Ritmes vir Kinders with my wife.