Yesterday our community listened afresh to the calling of the disciples as told by Mark.  In the next few weeks all members of Claypot loose their membership.  Everyone is invited to pray and seek guidance whether Claypot should be the place where they live out the detail of their call in 2009.

This will be the third year in which we follow this practice and we’re excited about it.  It offers a sense of freshness every year.  Over the last few years this process has led some to live out their call in different places and allowed others to join – the adding and subtracting helps us to remember that the call is lived out in the big realm of the kingdom.  The kingdom is a sphere that encompasses all our church expressions and denominations.

Part of our commitment to the call is to interact with the invitations of Jesus and to allow those invitations to take shape in concrete practices and disciplines.  This basically entails that every member of our community thinks through how their following of Jesus will take shape in 2009.  
We strongly believe that the spiritual disciplines (invitations) place us in a posture of following Jesus.  It is in this posture that Jesus can change us and form us.  I’m super excited for this process!

Yesterday as we studied Mark 1.14-20 the following verse struck me,

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

I read it like this:

-  We have some specific responsibilities in order to place ourselves in the position of following and I think this is the essence of disciplines.
-  These disciplines are not tools, it has a relational foundation.
-  It is Jesus who will make us become.

How do you think we can place ourselves in a posture of following?