It is done. I have completed the 40 hour famine, my voluntary fast ended at 12:00 today; but thousands of South African people’s involuntary fast continues …

I would like to reflect on my experience:

– Although this was not my first fast it was totally different. The reason for that is simply the fact that this particular fast was on behalf of someone else and benefited people I don’t even know. Through this exercise I advocated for people who have no voice; so in a sense this fast had two main thrusts. Firstly God and secondly the poor of our country.
– I was amazed at the response people had towards the donation part of the fast. For those of you who don’t know, the World Vision fast asks for hourly donations that go to the poor children of the country. I sent out a sms on Friday afternoon and got R4000 worth of donations ($667) – next year I will start asking earlier but nonetheless I was amazed with the response.
– I am an extremely privileged person (EPP). And as an EPP I have a huge responsibility. I realized that sleeping in a hot bed, having electricity and a refrigerator, driving a car and eating three meals are huge blessings that I too often take for granted. I definitely want to be more thankful!
– I’m eating way too much! And I’m eating luxury foods so often that I don’t see it as luxurious anymore. Luxury has become a necessity. “Give us our daily bread” has turned into “Give us our eggs and bacon, yogurt and toast, chicken mayonnaise sandwich and steak in the evening.”
– I use food a lot as a comforter. What I mean by this is that I sometimes suppress feelings by eating. This is unfortunate in the sense that I miss speaking to The Comforter when I do this. I sometimes exchange an intimate conversation with God for a cheap candy.
– It was hard to be so close to good food and not partake in the eating of it. Fifteen kilometers from our house there are thousands of people that look at our suburbs and have the same thoughts and feelings.