We are back from our trip. It was very good for us. Our time was spent eating, praying, sleeping, talking and doing things husbands and wives do when they go away on trips like this. Yesterday we told our friend in Alberton that we don’t feel like his church is a fit we thank God for giving us clarity regarding this

We barbequed on our vacation – and as you can see it was good! We ate a chicken flatty and some South African sausage (boerewors). It is so much fun making your own fire, waiting for it to reach the right temperature and then hearing the sizzling sound of sauces and fat dripping on the coals. It is therapeutic.

We jogged a 5km trail in the mornings and we found a very interesting sight. The resort is built next to the Hartebeespoortdam, and therefore has a lot of water. The resort offers some water-sports and it looks very enticing, that is till you read the sign on the riverbank: “DANGER NO SWIMMING ALGAE TOXIC”

This sign was a fitting reminder of what temptation is. Toxins in disguise. God will always give us the warning, the choice is ours to listen or plunge into the toxic pleasures prepared for us by the ultimate liar.