Confession time.  It is hard to be involved in the so-called ‘social justice’
issues and not become bitter and angry. 
It is easy to become full of pride and smug.  Activism drifting into emptiness is a reality that is as
real as the World Cup Soccer being hosted in South Africa in 2010.

That is why it is so important to make sure
that God fuels our activism.

For the last few days I’ve read through
David Bosch’s “A spirituality for the road”.  In it he explores a spirituality that could sustain a life
of mission. 
(Bosch 2000:23) talks about two dangers that beset people on a mission.

“The first danger we face, then, is the
loss of self-discipline and slipping into a comfortable and well-oiled rut”.

“The second danger is equally serious.  It is the danger of over activity and over

Then in typical “third way” thinking he
suggests that the way of mission takes place within a “gentle tension between
giving ourselves in full surrender to our fellowman, yet at the same time
enjoying the peace of the Lord.”
(Bosch 2000:24)

My prayer for this year is to live in that “gentle

Bosch, D., 2000. A
spirituality of the road
, Eugene 
OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers.