Worldwide people are making resolutions for the next year. The fact that those resolutions will be broken is now a cliché.  One of the most obvious and popular resolutions revolves around dieting.  So I have an idea that I want to run past you.  I propose that people diet with someone else’s education in mind.

Let me explain.

Imagine that you decide to cut out that costly fast-food and restaurant meals for the next year.  Instead of just doing this for your own health (which is a good reason) you also connect your health-drive with someone else.  Every time you “diet” and make healthy choices, you donate the money you would have spent on unhealthy food towards someone’s education.  Therefore, when you say “no” you also say “yes”.

I know a friend who dearly wants to have an education, but cannot afford it. If I could get a few friends to donate money to this new “education-diet”, then we can help him.  I am aiming to raise R6000 (+/- $800). If you would like to join, email me or just leave a comment.

I think this could place dieting into a social responsible realm …