When was the last time you really wanted to buy something? I’m not talking about accidental buys, the kind that usually happens when ‘window shopping’ turns into ‘window hostage taking’. The buying I’m referring to is the kind that is preceded by research, excitement and a through oscillation between the opposite ends of the internal voice saying “I’m not going to buy it” and “I’m going to buy it”. This mode of buying has been likened to a hunt – that necessary activity that is mixed with desire, brutality and requirement. For we have to eat something.

When was the last time for you?

For me it happened yesterday. After several weeks of being in the hunt I ordered a Kindle (Amazon.com’s reading device). This was no quick-buy – it was thoroughly researched. Next week when I go to the States I will pick up my spoils.

Why am I writing on this? Because my research, hunting and eventually shooting (via credit card) my prey has gone on while I’ve been pondering Jesus’ amazing parables on the kingdom in Matthew 13. Two of them speak specifically to my situation,

The parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price have been running in the background of my life while I’ve engaged in my ‘rich world’ activity of acquisition. Jesus’ parables in Matthew 13 speaks to different people: farmers, fishermen, widows, women baking and then rich people. These parables take normal day-to-day activities wherein Jesus elucidates the energy of the kingdom of heaven. Just as I researched the Kindle and weighed the options, just as I wondered if it is worth it, just as I eventually made a payment, just like this the kingdom taps into these very ordinary impulses that we experience. The question is simply, is Jesus more exciting than Amazon’s Kindle or whatever your latest purchase was?

Obviously this parable doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t buy anything else, but it does challenge us that Jesus is so valuable that we should let even our latest and greatest acquisition go – for He is the ALL in ALL.