I am working on Sunday’s exploration of the parable of the sower … I wondered how Jesus would interact with our culture and rewrote the parable for a twitter-world. I wonder what you would add or change?


A lover decided to spread her message of hope. She invited people into creating a community of love and goodness.

She shared her message on twitter and in 144 characters she proclaimed her delightful dreams with her audience. But the tweet got lost in a stream of other tweets. People didn’t understand the amazing invitation, the devil distracted them.

In her second tweet she added the hashtag #AMAZINGOPPORTUNITY and a shortened link to a web page with a longer message. When her recipients saw it they immediately RT’d the message but didn’t click on the link. She even linked her twitter account to Facebook and a lot of people “liked” her post. However the joy and excitement ended with sending the RT or “liking” the post, it didn’t take any further root in their actions.

Her third tweet had a RT of her tweet from a celebrity tweeter [insert celebrity name here], because people loved the celebrity they RT’ed the tweet and some people even clicked on the link. Unfortunately the advertisements flashing on the side of the linked webpage distracted them. Some were stressed out by the SARS deadline while others were excited about the advertisment offering the possibility of winning an Ipad2.


Thankfully the fourth tweet were RT’ed, linked and read by a group of people who read the post and formed a loving community of people living the adventure of love. Those who read tweets, Listen!