A bizarre Lent picture

Holy Week. This week we will meditate on Christ’s life and His ‘passion’ for the glory of the Father. Jesus is the example of living a rhythm of synchronized obedience. He lived for the glory of the Father and not his own. It really challenges me; I’m so filled with ego and my own rhythms. This weekend I spent some time in the gymnasium – the gymnasium of the Psalms that is. I happened upon this spiritual bicep flex:

These wicked people are born sinners; even from birth they have lied and gone their own way. They spit poison like deadly snakes;
they are like cobras that refuse to listen, ignoring the tunes of the snake charmers, no matter how skillfully they play.
Psalm 58

I am like the cobra – God is the Ultimate Charmer and Enchanter yet I choose to dance to the rhythm of a lesser god.
I reflected on this thought when my good friend Tom told me this story on a Passion play (a true story):

A certain church are well-known for their excellent rendition of Christ’s agony on the cross. In order to get the best actors for the Passion Play they source the roles of actors out to acting companies. The Jesus in the play was one of these hirelings (not a follower of Christ himself). The play was excellent and then it happened…. During the crucifixion scene, one of the soldiers poked the hired Jesus in his side. The jab from the Javelin pierced the actor – blood started to gush out of the flesh wound. The acting jesus smirked down towards the soldier:

When I get of this cross I’m going to kick your ass!

The audience heard the remark and they were shocked. They had to substitute Jesus! The bleeding was too much for the actor. The second Jesus took over and everything went well till the ascension scene. Unfortunately, the producers of this Passion play did not take into account the fact that the sequel to the first Jesus was 30 pounds heavier than the first. Being heavier than the first Jesus the rope that was used during the rehearsals were not strong enough for the other version. Thirty feet into the air the rope snapped and the actor broke both his legs!

I am more like the guy who wants to kick ass.
I am so glad that Jesus forgave the people who crucified Him!
I am so glad that we don’t need another Jesus.
Jesus is enough.
He is the Enchanter.
I desperately want to be enchanted.

Lord, I don’ love you; I don’t even want to love You; but I want to want to love You – Teresa of Avila.