Today was an up and down day. Like a yoyo, you know? One of the family’s at our church decided to leave our community. Over lunch I spoke to the husband and we had a great conversation, yet I feel like a girlfriend broke up with me. A raw feeling of loss invaded my stomach and I feel queasy.

They’re not leaving because we offended or wronged them; it’s just that they’re feeling God’s leading towards another community. While I drove home I got to think about this family and our community and how much everyone loves them and respects them as a family. Then it dawned on me that they’re not leaving the kingdom of God! We are still family, just like in another State or Province. It dawned on me that we’re still linked together.

I think it’s dangerous for any church as a community to define the kingdom in terms of the relationships and activities of their specific church and then forget that we’re part of a global clan, part of an international tribe and revolution.

But it still hurts and it’s the first family that left Kleipot

It was a crappy day for a church planter but a good day to be part of the kingdom of God.

Thanks for listening!