A few days ago I read Psalms and froze at Psalm 30:6-7:

When I was prosperous I said,
“Nothing can stop me now!”
Your favor, O Lord, made me as secure as a mountain.
Then you turned away from me, and I was shattered.

Jammy was afraid. He constantly felt preying eyes envisioning him as a gourmet meal. Nauseated, that’s how he felt. His heart pounded like a formula 1 racing car. Frantically running, trying to evade your pursuers for hours on end will do that to you. Now he stood at the verge of a chasm – literally. “Left, run Left!” he heard someone call in his inner being. Instinctively he obeyed. He fled from them, and then he saw the bridge connecting the two ends of his world (which turned out to be uncomfortable) and a world he has only dreamt of.

Then the meeting occurred, the sight was comical! An elephant standing next to a mouse. Puny meets Massive. Raul the elephant and Jammy the mouse. Graciously Raul picked Jammy up and delicately placed him on his back – from on high Jammy looked into his aggressor’s eyes. Miraculously he found the courage to do it, moments ago the courage hid from him. Jammy let loose – he shouted and shook his fist, he danced and mocked.

The chasers backed off – they weren’t daunted by the mouse’s verbal veracity – it was the sheer size of his protector that scared them – one stomp and they would only be mulch in the dust. With calm assurance Raul looked the enemy over, staring them down and then with sudden elegance he turned his back on them and walked over the bridge. The bridge swung like a leaf in the wind – the massive and impressive bulk of the elephant walking rhythmically over the bridge.

Jammy in childlike glee shouted at the top of his voice:

“Jippeeee, look how we’re rocking this bridge!!!”

In the following few months Jammy stayed put on Raul’s back. The wonder of the new world stunned him, every day the elephant introduced him to new food – delicious food, like a dream world. The food satisfied him and made him full – unfortunately that was not the only food the mouse ate. Subtly Jammy started to take Raul for granted. Some days he forgot that he was not Raul – he started to think that the elephant was just an extension of him – the mighty mouse. As if there was no distinction between him and his savior. Conversations with his friend became far and in between and lately extinct – he never thanked him anymore – not for the ride or the new food.

They walked over the bridge daily – Raul always rescued someone on the other side. Lately Jammy got aggravated by these search and rescue missions, ‘i have better things to do’ he would say to himself. As they walked over the bridge he shouted:

“Look how I swing this bridge!”

And then it happened! Raul placed the mouse firmly on his butt. Jammy forgot what firm footing felt like – he immediately lost the advantage of seeing things from his higher vantage point. His old enemies – the ones he confidently taunted on Raul’s back – saw his predicament. They attacked with everything in them – seeking to take advantage of the elephant-mouse turned into a normal-mouse.

Thoughts of where he came from flooded Jammy’s mind. He remembered running from this mob! As he ran he rediscovered his appreciation for Raul, he turned around and ran over the bridge. Out of habit he shouted:

“Look how I …….”

He stopped, realizing that he did not move the bridge even an inch! In an agonizing groan he muffled : “I miss Raul”.
The enemy grew closer, feet pounding on the bridge they breathed in his neck. In absolute desperation he ran, focused on staying away from them. He was so focused on running that he completely missed Raul’s appearance at the other side of the bridge, his fleeing led him running full force into Raul’s leg – he was knocked unconscious. Upon waking up he thanked Raul and he knew Raul was his savior.

Lately you can hear him shouting:

“Wow Raul you rock this bridge – thanks for the ride!”