Saturday we went to a Switchfoot concert at 32Blue, a club in downtown Colorado Springs. After a refreshing dinner we went upstairs and waited for the bands opening for Switchfoot to be done .

Next to us sat two individuals – a couple – consuming unheard levels of alcohol and smoking 20 smokes between 8 and 12! They bought a Switchfoot-Cd and a T-Shirt. In my mind I deemed them not to be Christ followers, a thought I resented throughout the evening (how do I know). Between 8:30 and 9 our friends pointed out to us that the gentleman was squeezing his date’s well …… boob! Don’t watch!

At 10:30 the torturous pre-show ended, the opening bands were gone and Switchfoot started a thoroughly subversive concert. Pictures, symbols and invitations into the Kingdom life abounded through their actions and lyrics! At one point John, the leader of the band spoke on the reason for our existence, which led into them singing ‘I Dare you to move’. It was amazing! Glancing to my left I saw my ‘boob – grabbing’ neighbor totally enthralled with the song – singing in full force, rhythmically flowing with the song. His girlfriend made funny crablike gestures from 10:40, the point at which I suspect she reached her alcohol intake saturation point.

During this song she turned her gestures into a crab overdrive. I was standing there thinking this is AWESOME, these 2 friends will never come to our respectable fake suburban church, and here they are in a nightclub having a spiritual experience. Being infected with THE MESSAGE. Kudos for Switchfoot, signing with a new label and penetrating the ‘secular’ industry – their songs will be on MTV2 from this week on.

We went home reeking. Monday morning I wanted to wear the same pants I had on Saturday (a habit Lollie is trying to kill in me) and it smelled like smoke. I thought to myself today, I need to cultivate the spiritual discipline of reeking of smoke. Jesus called me (and you) to go, to invade the spaces of our friends who have not heard the wonderful invitation into a new life. Bringing a different fragrance to their spaces. And who knows when we go out we may even see someone doing something weird …. like …… touching a boob 🙂