Desmondtutu If we want to live an authetic life with God, we have to contextualize our faith.  Although we are a global family, we need to actualize the gospel within the nuances of our own locale.  As a result of this belief I have decided to read some books by African theologians and practioners.  This week I picked up Nobel prize winner Desmond Tutu’s book, "God has a dream."  I’m only in chapter two and I must say that it’s excellent!  Here’s a quote from the Archbishop,

"The Bible also tells us of our relationship to the rest of creation and the sacredness of God’s creation, all of it in its glory and its physicality.  We are stewards of all this, and so it is not to be involved in a passing fad to be concerned about the environment, about ecology.  It is not just being politically correct to be green.  The material universe has a high density.  The dominion we were given in Genesis 1:26 was so that we should rule as God’s viceroy’s, doing it as God would – caringly, gently, not harshly and exploitatively, with a deep reverence, for all is ultimately holy ground and we should figuratively take off our shoed for it all has the potential to be "theophantic" – to reveal the divine.  Every shrub has the ability to be a burning bush and to offer us an encounter with the transcendent."  p.28,29