Alias and me
I am an Alias addict! Great show about a girl – Sydney Bristow – a double agent. She worked for SD-6 thinking that it was a covert part of the CIA. Then reality struck – she found out that SD-6 is an organization funding terrorist activity, she felt betrayed, isolated and a ticked off. Now she works her best to thwart SD-6. Her friends at SD-6 still believe they work for the CIA – it kills her. It is complicated for her and she longs for the simplicity of getting out. As I watched the program last night, the neurons fired big time in my brain. I can relate to Sydney.

Three years ago my wife and I progressed on the ministry ladder – settling into a cozy role of Executive Pastor. In my delusions I thought I was doing all for God. Then reality struck – I found out that ego and ambition twinned in my heart, I dabbled with the dark side. A part of my heart went on a covert mission sabotaging my partnership with God; the sad thing was that I mistook my zeal for God’s, my ambition for His purposes. I felt ugly, confused and ready to confess. Three weeks after the revelation we resigned.

There are a lot of people in the church today – thinking they work for God ( like Sydney’s friends thinking they work for the CIA) in reality they serve another. No realization that they are part of a covert sabotage. Parting from Sydney we can tell these friends what is going on, will they listen? Others, after the shock of discovering what SD-6 really is, decide to be double agents – subversively they undermine their previous employer. The third group are those who cannot play the subversive role – they need the simplicity and straight forwardness of working for the CIA, a normal 9 to 5 job.

I pray for the first group, pray for an awakening,
I work in the second group,
I envy people in the third group.