Ever since we started Kleipot Gemeente we decided to have a
weekly prayer meeting. I know that these
kinds of meetings have fell in disregard during the modernization of the
church, but we decided to have a weekly discipline of humbling ourselves before
God and praying for our community.

Our prayer meeting is on a Wednesday evening. For two and a half years we’ve not neglected
this discipline and we have a journal of all the petitions and praises we have
uttered before God. When I go over the
long list of requests it astounds me to see how our gracious God works. Some of the prayers have been answered in
record time, others in a slower subversive ways – some of the prayers were
prayed and then we realized that we were the answer!

Last night two of the requests we prayed for was my mother’s
health and also for a friend’s mother who’s looking for housing. 

Some of you know that my mother has been diagnosed with
lymphoma and went through some vigorous treatment in December. She went for scans yesterday to find out the
treatment helped. Bad news would have
meant chemotherapy. Thankfully the news
was good! An hour after we heard the
news our friend contacted us to say that her mother found accommodation. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

At our Kleipot service we have created a space during the
service where people can praise (and also lament). We created this in response to James 5 and
the Psalms where David says that he will give thanks to God before the whole
congregation. I now give thanks before
the cyber-world and I can’t wait to tell all the people how good God is.