Brazil … 8 Mei … 5pm

I just arrived at gate 1 at the Sao Paulo
airport.  Sitting here is an
absolute immersion in a different culture; at least in terms of the
language.  Here and there I see
English words but for the rest it is all in Portuguese.  I visited one of the airport shops,
with a small bookstore attached to it. 
It stocks American books translated in Portuguese … amongst them “The
Secret”, “The Shack”, “Eat, Pray, Love” and all the other usual suspects.  Globalization is successfully
transforming the lives’ of the rich people worldwide into a monoculture. 

I also ate a delicious sandwich (which they
warmed for me).  As I’m eating and
watching people, listening to incomprehensible announcements on the PA system I
marvel at the fact that I’m sitting on a different continent.  I am so excited to learn as much as I
can in the next eleven days!