willardAs I mentioned, we had some battery problems in the last week. Battery problems, in the car or in life, cannot be ignored. After push-starting the car for two days, we knew that we needed to check the situation out. Constant pushing would eventually cause major problems. When I opened the hood of my car, the battery proved to be totally wasted. The acid of the battery dissolved the plastic cover and basically ate its way through. I couldn’t even remove the nodes! We needed a new battery.

Some times I try to push-start my spiritual life when a long, leisurely Sabbath is needed. When I relate to God as a fast-food franchise I release a drop of acid onto the plastic of my life. Over an extended period it eats through me and my life ceases to be to the glory of God. When I tire of people and listen with distorted ears, I need a new battery. When my battery is flat, change it or charge it but never just let it be … it could burn a hole through the soul!

A flat battery reminds me of this quote I read a few years ago:

“In this condition we are trying to give to others an answer which we have not truly and deeply found for ourselves. The tragedy is that much of the vast network of Christian activity and service is bent on propagating an answer for people’s needs and problems which few of those propagating it are finding adequate in their own lives. We need to leave our lusting for ever larger spheres of Christian service and concentrate on seeing God for ourselves and finding the deep answer for life in Him. Then, even if we are located in the most obscure corner of the globe, the world will make a road to our door to get that answer. Our service of help to our fellows then become incidental to our vision of God, and the direct consequence of it” Roy and Revell Hession, We would see Jesus, p.15

And then the Apostle Paul:

Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant Romans 12 (Message)