It has been more than a month since my last
post.  Since then we’ve had a
14-day vacation and after coming back I didn’t really have anything to
say.  Taking an almost month break
from the blogosphere and it’s twittering nephew has done me good.  I’ve relaxed a lot – played with the
kids, done some reading, caught some fish and have pondered the life I am

Over the weekend we had our annual
Christmas dinner with the family. 
We usually do these early in December since, in South Africa, everyone
winds down over Decembers and leave for different vacation spots in our
beautiful country.  While the
Northern hemisphere celebrates Christmas in snow – we usually do it in our
swimwear outside.

The above paragraph unfortunately pertains
to only a small percentage of South Africans.  Those (everyone in the paragraph) who can afford the luxury
to go on vacation.  For some
Christmas in South Africa is hard. 
Thirty five orphans at Diepsloot is a small sampling of those who have
difficulty during the “festive season”.

Last week the highlight of my week was
undoubtedly when I delivered some food to these orphans, with a small
gift.  Seeing the gratitude on the
recipients’ faces scorched onto my Christmas-conscience and left some
scars.  These scars help me to
become human again, aiding me in the rediscovering of the ancient adventure of
Christ’s Advent. Christ becoming poor so that we can become rich.