I’m busy working my way through John Stackhouse’s brilliant (so far) book, “Making the best of it”. In one whole chapter he discusses Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s thoughts on the Christian’s involvement with culture. In a sub-heading entitled “Discipleship” Stackhouse writes the following,

“Bonhoeffer’s best-known book bears the English title The Cost of Discipleship. But “cost” is only one of its main themes, and Bonheoffer’s original title in German, Nachfolge, rendered “discipleship” in English, literally means just “following.” The book he wrote, then, is not an exposition of what it costs to be a disciple, but a manual of how to be a disciple. It is far more than a warning: it is an invitation and an instruction. [Making the Best of it p.123].

Here are a few questions?

– What is lost when Nachfolge is translated as “The Cost of discipleship”?
– Why do you think it is translated this way?
– Which one do you prefer?