I’m struck by the huge amount of people who are bored with Christianity. 
Everywhere I look I see people who feel like they’ve heard it all.  As we move into the church’s celebration of Pentecost I’m haunted by this fact.  Why is it that we can talk about God’s Spirit and Jesus’ decentralization and be greeted by a yawning group of listeners?  I think I know part of the answer.
Christianity has evolved into a fact-oriented stagnant affair where people mistake knowing something with doing something.  I’m one of those people, so this is by no means a finger pointing to others.  Large parts of the church are practicing Christianity as a hobby and the church is a place that should excite them again.  The Spirit of God serves as an espresso drink, Jesus becomes an accessory and engagement with the kingdom an activity for free time and mostly in talking.
In this mindset the Spirit becomes a medium for amusement.  In my fifteen years of being involved in church ministry I’ve heard over and again how people want the Spirit to awaken a boring version of Christianity.  The Spirit reduced as an agent for producing goose bumps. Yet, what I read in Acts is so much bigger than this version of a carousel Spirit of a hobby-flavored Christianity.
Consider for example the well known Acts 1:8,
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the world.” 
This verse is so much more than Christianity-as-hobby, more than Jesus as accessory.  Contained in this verse is an adventure, a call that is so big that it stretched the disciples beyond their natural capabilities.  It is ironic that God calls us to something bigger than ourselves and then empowers us to do it.
Acts 1:8 is not just a call to the geographical expansion of the gospel.  It also signifies the radical nature of the gospel’s call to cross boundaries (ethnic, religious, socio-economic).  In our South African context one can reflect on how the Spirit empowers us to transcend our racism, classism and ethnicism.  That is a story to live in.
Maybe we can say it like this: whenever we are stretched to cross boundaries the Spirit empowers us.  I’m bored with a Christianity that preaches empowerment for the sake of Christians – for feeling blessed.  I need to be stretched beyond myself, to be in situations that unless God empowers all will fall apart.