Most of the readers of this blog have been born into incredible wealth. Where does this leave us with God, specifically when we think of our global neighborhood? Clement of Alexandria shows that if someone has been born into wealth, he is not automatically barred from heaven. If one should be accursed by being born in a wealthy house then he is “wronged by God, who created him, in having vouchsafed to him temporary enjoyment, and in being deprived of eternal life. And why should wealth have ever sprung from the earth at all, if it is the author and patron of death?” (26)

“But if one is able in the midst of wealth to turn from its power, and to entertain moderate sentiments, and to exercise self-command, and to seek God alone, and to breathe God and walk with God, such a poor man submits to the commandments, being free, unsubdued, free of disease, unwounded by wealth. But if not, “sooner shall a camel enter through a needle’s eye, than such a rich man reach the kingdom of God.”

What do you think about his points?