Eduardo just explained to me that
reformation theology here in Brazil (and elsewhere) used the science of
philosophy as a basis for theology in order to answer questions produced by an
existential crisis.  Liberation
theology uses sociology as a foundation in order to influence the living
conditions of people on the ground.

View from balcony  Lunch was absolutely divine, Marcia made an
amazing fish that is called “linguado/tongue”. 
It rained all day long and the views have been limited.  Yet, from what I can see the city of
Rio de Janeiro looks absolutely stunning.  
The fish  Tonight I’m preaching at a church on Luke 15, the parable of the loving

Duda, Eduardo's son will translate the message and I'm excited. Today we translated my Prezi and it was a lot of fun to learn new words.  Brazilians are very proud of their language and despise it when people confuse Portuguese with Spanish.  

The TV channels have quite a lot of South African footage with the world cup coming up.