Bush mail

My friend Schalk van Heerden – who is doing some amazing work in Mozambique sent me this piece, some good thoughts to ponder:

I’m not a morning person. Never has been and at times wonder if I ever willbe. This is not conducive to early morning ‘talking with God’.

Two days ago, on a 2100km trip from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Manica (Mozambique) I slept over in a small hotel called “Huka Kuna Hotel – best food in Xai-Xai!” It was surprisingly clean and I was just out of luck with the air-conditioner in my room braking the previous day. (That’s what I was told, at least.) Anyway, here I was sleeping in 34 C without an ‘aircon’ and
in place of the aircon was a gaping hole in the wall. Not good in Mozambique! I slept well from 22:00 till 02:00 when I got up and out of bed. I was feeling wide awake and energetic, I switched the light on and diligently started working. My task? Killing the mosquitoes in my room before they killed me. By two-o’clock, hunting the little demons that caused me the itching and irritation, it looked as if I was turning into a young marshmallow. As I killed them one by one, I placed them in a row on the open bed in my room. (This evidence, by the way was to make good evidence at the early morning management feedback session!) By 03:20 I was sure that the
enemy’s spirit was broken and that the remaining forces would flee. So, with the “death-row” on 53(true!) I climbed back in bed sleeping with renewed peace and a little victorious smile. Getting up at 06:00 and continuing my treacherous journey toward Manica I started to contemplate on my nightly adventures. Why was I so wide awake to battle mosquitoes at 02:00, while
getting up at 05:30 to battle my sinful nature and speak to the Creator of the universe seemed more unlikely and difficult with each passing morning?

Does the prospect of a mosquito free room seem more appealing to me than asin-free character? Does the adventure of killing bugs seem more exciting than walking with God? Maybe at times, mosquitoes feel more real than God? He is gentle, soft, loving and a gentleman- waiting. Mosquitoes are not. I love God however and I hate mosquitoes. My prayer is that I will learn to
live with my Love and not to be driven by the little pressing, stinging issues that each new day drops at my door.