Our journey toward finding a house of our own starts tonight. In the last few weeks God has blessed us with the opportunity to start this journey. It’s a humbling journey, knowing that the house we’re about to buy will be financed with kingdom money. As such we’ve been praying about the kind of house we want. By that I’m not referring to the architectural stuff, but the kind of atmosphere it will exude.

A few weeks ago I read Charlie Peacocks, “A new way to be human”, in it he described the fragrance of their house and it literally brought tears to my eyes. He writes:

“Our work of hospitality, art, and study is about this one thing. It all stems from the belief that home can and should be an instrument of grace, an engine of truth and beauty. Home should be a place where the best thoughts and on what’s really important are sought out and communicated, where imagination and creativity are encouraged to take shape for the good of Jesus followers, and the world that watches and listens.” p.109

When we visited Eugene and Jan Peterson at their home in Montana we experienced a place that served as “an engine of truth and beauty.” Our week with them was one of the most refreshing experiences we’ve ever had. Nothing spectacular happened; it was just the rejuvenation of Spirit-filled normalcy. In their living room we prayed, in their dining room we had deep – and hilarious conversation, in the kitchen we prepared food together, in the bedroom (well you can only imagine).

Eugene and Jan have an icon in their living room. It’s the famous icon of Rublev, I asked him about it and he told me that it was a reminder for all that in their living room they want to experience the intimacy of the trinity. Just imagine if our homes become knitting stations of intimacy – the sweet fellowship of the trinity. We want a house like that!