Today is Liam’s third birthday.  We celebrate his life and the life he has brought to our family.  He is a boy with a big heart.  In it coexists the pulsating energy of adventure as well as the gentle flow of care.  His liveliness has attentiveness to it, a few days ago I saw this clearly.

We were hanging with another family and Liam ran all over the place.  One of the adults sat outside of the circle.  Not totally but just enough to not be part.  Liam ran past him and stopped.  Looking him in the eye he asked, “Are you all right?”

This combination is one of the unique gifts Liam brings into our lives.  He is a physical and verbal expresser of love.  He is fiercely active and surprisingly caring.  Every now and then he will peak into my office and say “I love you dad” or he will run towards me at full spread thrusting his little frame towards me to give me one of his “power hugs”.

I pray that this combination of courage and care would be cultivated so that it can always stay in creative tension.

My life has been deeply blessed by yours my son and I pray that you’ll have a wonderful year.  Love, Dad.