When Jesus entered Jerusalem he turned the leadership models of the world upside-down. In Matthew’s version of the account Jesus challenged his disciples in the previous chapter that they shouldn’t take their cues from the gentile leaders around them. He invited them into a leadership style that should be identified with radical servanthood. A few days later, or one chapter, Jesus becomes their example when He enters Jerusalem on a donkey and not on a war stallion. Jesus redefines the kind of King he is and will be. It is a lesson that his disciples had to learn and one we still have to submit to. We have to baptize our imaginations in theses scenes of the King riding a donkey, “It is important to note that the later church or his Jewish contemporaries might have chosen for Jesus a more militant steed, but Jesus chose a beast of burden.” Jesus, our Leader, “Humble and mounted on a donkey.”


During Palm Sunday the crowd expected the revolution to begin. Yet Jesus resisted their kind of revolution and imaged to them the serving king. He challenged their expectations towards something totally different. I am also challenged on this day. Challenged to serve instead of being served. Challenged to choose the donkey and not the stallion. Challenged to love and not hate. Challenged to live into the paradox of our King on a donkey. Challenged to follow this King.