Here’s something to ponder. How would you answer the following question: tell me about your church? Will you:

– Tell me about your pastor
– The programs offered.
– The architecture or location of your building.
– Describe the liturgy on a Sunday.

Earlier this morning I listened to an interview with one of the volunteers at the L’arche community in the US. The interviewer asked the person to describe L’arche and her answer led me into a refreshing reflection.

She answered the question by telling the stories of the people in the house. Bob …. And Linda…. And Cherise…. It was so refreshing and challenged me to answer the questions about our church, talking about the actual people. People like Jacques who in the past week showed immense courage in that he stood up for what he believes at his work. The above-mentioned answers are a part of the church, Christ is the center pulling different people into relationships towards the epicenter of the adventure of His kingdom.