This Rhythm focus on using our imaginations when we are dealing with our time, money and resources in order to bring life through them – not just for ourselves, but for the world.

Which of the following questions stand out for you:    How rushed is your life currently?   How much are you currently worrying about your finance?      Do you own your stuff, or does your stuff own you?   Do you believe all that you have is a gift from God, making you a steward, or are you the owner?     What does “bringing hope and life” look like in your work place?

Exercise for the week:    Plan a surprise for someone at work that will make their work easier (do them a favour, buy them lunch, etc.)  or think of something that will improve the work-environment for your colleagues (make them coffee, buy flowers for the office, make them laugh, etc.)

Here is an article that Tom wrote a while ago if you’d like to do some more reading

If you have any video suggestions on this Rhythm… let us know 🙂