Lollie had a wonderful birthday!  We celebrated it with great friends and good food.  Last night we showed some of our African pictures and shared what the Lord has done.  So much of the kingdom is about living an adventure and telling stories of God’s authoring.

I’m typing this message from Bob and Linda’s basement.  This was the same underground space where we stayed in 2000.  It was a time of formation, a furnace of discovery.  In September 2000 we arrived here with the idol of ministry set firmly in the center of our lives, our identities wrapped around ministry and being pastors.  In this basement of obscurity God challenged us to build our identities on Him – to rediscover ourselves for who we really are, "Beloved children of God".

It’s fun to be here again. We have truly changed!  Lollie and I are not the same – we’re still tempted with performance, the spectacular and idolotary but now we recognise it and with Hi graceful help know how to resist.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good (as our friend Linda always reminds us).