At the start of the new millennium Lollie and I took a sabbatical.  We ended up in the United States in the wonderful city of Colorado Springs.  Bob and Linda Kirkeeide, former missionaries to Zimbabwe took a risk and offered that Lollie and I could stay with them for three months (it ended up being nine).  When I think about our journey in the last five years, I can’t but thank God for our wonderful friends the Kirkeeide’s.
KirkeeideWithout knowing jack squat about us, they took the risk and opened their house as a place of hospitality.  Living in their basement was a wonderful time of God wooing us back from tired servants to beloved children. 
Bob and Linda (pictured above with their daughter) are currently in South Africa and they’ll preach at Kleipot tomorrow.  They are our American parents and it’s such a privilege to have them here to meet Tayla.  Bob and Linda is a prime example of sojourners, people who live to the beat of a different drum.