I’m busy working through a David Bosch book entitled , “Goeie nuus vir armes … en rykes”. As far as I know there is only an Afrikaans translation of this book (his native language). The book is a commentary on the book of Luke. He contextualized it for South Africa. Although it was written in 1990 his analysis is totally relevant for SA in 2008. Here is a quotation from this book,

“Miskien vind ons dit makliker om die evangelie van die vergiffenis van sondes aan sondaars en verlorenes te preek as om die boodskap van ekonomiese en maatskaplike geregtigheid ten opsigte van die armes uit te dra en uit te leef …”

Here’s a translation of the above passage:

Maybe we find it easier to preach the gospel of forgiveness of sins for sinners and those who are lost than to proclaim and live out the message of economic and social justice for the poor.