A month ago David, our friend from Venda, phoned.  We had a brief chat during which he shared that he had some serious car troubles.Site4_2   David’s car has been a total headache for the past year.  During our first visit to Venda, his car was totally disassembled – the whole engine was on the ground (picture on left).  David was busy rebuilding it.

After our conversation I told Lollie about it and she told me that “we need to buy him a new car.”  I agreed.  About four Sundays ago one of our Kleipot friends came to me while we were singing “we need to buy David a car”, he said.  During the sermon I made a brief comment about the need and the response was amazing.  We bought him a car and started planning the surprise …Site2

On Monday David and his wife arrived in Johannesburg. We bought them bus tickets, and told them that our community miss them and want to treat them for the week.  Kleipot hosted them and they visited with a lot of our people. 

Wednesday evening was our usual prayer time, David and his wife Shandu joined us.  We ended our prayer with a prayer for them and their community.  Our prayers ended and Tobie gave David a box of matches.  He told David that he could use it to burn his car.  He then handed Site3 David a gift box.  When David opened it he discovered a key inside and all of us rushed outside to see what the key was for.  For the next thirty minutes all of us cried and prayed.  David and Shandu were overwhelmed – literally speechless.   

At the end of the meeting I said to Lollie that I think this is what church should be. [If you want to read more about our friend David you can here,here,here and here.]