Life consists of a series of rhythms that form the habitual basis of our lives.  What we do determines who we become.  Who we do it with is also instrumental.  Today I want to list a few things to keep in mind when you develop a rule of life.  Marjorie Thompson defines a rule of life as:

“A Rule of Life is a pattern of spiritual disciplines that provides structure and direction for growth in holiness.”

  1. Give it time and don’t expect quick results
  2. Be realistic about what you can do (if you’ve never read Bible don’t think you can read it in two weeks)
  3. Ask feedback from you community or better develop a rule of life as a community
  4. Revise your rule of life often
  5. Have headings in your rule of life and choose activities under the headings that can beat boredom.  For instance if I have as a heading daily Bible reading vary the methods of reading : Lectio divina, out loud, study, Ignatian.
  6. Exercise the rule with a diverse group of people
  7. Ask questions that can help you choose what to do (these are from Marjorie Thompson): what am I deeply attracted to, why? Where is God stretching me to grow? What kind of balance do I need in my life?
  8. Remember that the rule is a way of grace and not of earning.
  9. Have a rule that comforts and stretches you (Ian Mobsby)
  10. Keep the season of your life in mind (parents with babies and toddlers will have time to exercise in nappy changes and snotty noses)
  11. Write your rule down and put it in a place you will see every day
  12. Meet regularly with someone who encourages you in your rule of life
  13. Experiment with different disciplines (there are so much more than just quiet time, prayer and Bible reading)

    What other tips do you have for people who are developing a rule of life?