Over the weekend 23 friends of the Diepsloot squatter camp visited with the people of Claypot. It was a lot of fun and we all learned a lot. We ate food, told stories and laughed a lot. It was amazing to see how the children bonded over the last few hours. Tayla and Bruno played like old friends. It was really interesting to listen to them speak to each other. Bruno’s first language is Venda and Tayla’s is Afrikaans. So they chose to speak in English (Tayla) and Zulu (Bruno). Tayla would call in English , “Come, Bruno” and Bruno in Zulu , “Hosa, Tayla”. It was hilarious to watch the two. Later in the day it was bath time and the two of them enjoyed splashing and playing.

Our communities decided that these weekends where we build bridges should be called Dieppot (Diepsloot + Claypot) – it was chosen above Clay sloot. In the picture you can see the kids with Lollie and Sibongile.Diepsloot_visit_2