Every morning as we prepare to go to school and work I ask the kids who wants to pray. It has become a part of our daily rhythm. When I forget to ask, Liam will usually respond, “who is going to pray today?” This morning I asked again, “so who wants to pray?” The question is an invitation and not a command. This morning Tayla answered the invitation to pray by saying, “I don’t feel like praying today”. I loved her honesty and also the freedom she has to express it.

Intrigued by her answer I asked her why she doesn’t feel like praying. “Because I prayed yesterday with grandmother” she answered. “You see dad from now on I will pray one day and rest the next day”, she said. “Tomorrow when you ask me again I will pray”. As they left for school and I for work I reflected on how Tayla is developing a rhythm for her life. For now her rhythm involves praying every other day. She is five. I am sure this rhythm will change over the next few days, weeks, months and years.

Here is the thing.

We are invited into a life with God and in response we cultivate a plan or a rhythm. It is our response to his invitation.  It is crucial to understand that we are invited by God to be in a relationship. Every person has a response whether they formalize it or not. Everyone responds.  The atheist who doesn’t believe in God responds, the on-fire-Charismatic-who-hates-formality responds. We all have a response. A good practice is to reflect on (y)our current response. Our responses take place in community but also personally. Take some time to reflect on what your current response is …

How are we responding to God’s invitation as the friends of Jesus?

How am I responding to God’s invitation in my life?