diversityI spent the day with various people listening; praying and sometimes talking. Over the past few weeks I started a friendship with a seventeen year old. His name is Kutloano and he is a black brother. Today was a big day for the two of us. Last time when we visited I asked him where he wanted to meet the next time. He told me of a specific coffee shop where, according to him, he has never seen a black person EVER. Today we frequented the “whites only” establishment, when we arrived there he hesitantly pushed me inside and said “You go first”.

It all turned out well, South Africa is definitely a changing country and I love it. I also love having friends from different generations and races. I thank God for diversity and difference. Without it we would be such a boring bunch. With eleven national languages our country is aptly called “The rainbow nation”, and I count it a privilege to be part of the emerging story.

When we lived in Colorado Springs in the USA, diversity was one of the things we missed most of our native country. I’m realizing on a daily basis how integrally our spiritual formation is linked to our geography; and the holiness of place – our place.

“The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!” Psalm 16:6 NLT