Clues for Faith communities by Pierre du Plessis

Hi my name is Pierre and I am a crossfitter, I am happy that I am not a vegan as well since then I wouldn’t know which one to talk about first.

So here is why I like, fine, love, CrossFit.

  1. It gets me moving, exercise is super important to me and my health.
  2. CrossFit is already worked out, I just show up and do the WOD (I’ll tell you what that is later).
  3. It is a small community, in my class there are housewives, an architect, a Doctor in Spirituality, a Dominee (Reverend), and everyone in between. And do you know what we talk about when we are at the box (I’ll tell you what that is later)? We talk about squat cleans (I’ll tell you what that is later), how much our quads hurt, and why the hell we can’t do a bar muscle up yet (I’ll tell you what that is later).
  4. The person who is dead last gets cheered the loudest. This is the absolute truth. Only in CrossFit have I seen strangers in a competition gather around the person that is last to cheer them on to finish the WOD. It is all positive and encouraging, there is no derision whatsoever.
  5. It has its own language, which binds the community:
    • WOD: Workout of the Day
    • Box: The CrossFit gym
    • Squat cleans: A movement you do in a workout.
    • Bar Muscle Ups: Another Movement (Bar Muscle Ups are crazy hard)
    • AMRAP: As many reps as possible (within a given time)

Now about the nudity.

So training naked is a term we use to describe practicing spiritual disciplines or exercises, like praying at noon every day this week, or giving your next mobile phone upgrade a way to practice generosity.

The reason we do it ‘naked’, is because we do it, just as we are, with no pretence, so judgement nothing. You just give it all you got.

Like CrossFit.

I suspect faith communities can learn much from exercise cults like CrossFit and the like. Cheering on the one who tries, even if they are last or fail completely. Sharing suffering. Living in community. Not judging (much), staying positive, encouraging one another to good work(out)s.

Naked CrossFit would be pretty awesome.

Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du Plessis


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