Driving in the emergency lane

First day back in the routines back home. It’s good being back. I’ve meditated on our driving experience on Friday. The drive back from the Cape Province to Johannesburg took fourteen hours – some beautiful scenery – but still a long ride. Driving in South Africa presents some challenges; one of them is an unspoken rule that goes like this:

If you drive a fast car and don’t have the patience to overtake someone at the proper time, then ride up to the rear of their car and flash your headlights profusely. The aggressive driver expects the person in front of them to drive in the yellow emergency lane – giving them the opportunity to overtake.

A lot of people stormed us in this manner – the courteous ones don’t flash their headlights and signals with their hazards in appreciation. I don’t mind them, the others who just bully their way through the highway – they mind me a lot. Most of all the fact that they don’t say thank you.

Then it dawned on me that I’m the bully on the highway of life. Driving on God’s tail, getting frustrated with His timing and then overtaking. Worst of all I usually don’t say thanks for anything! Jesus drives in the yellow emergency lane.