After a recent jog, Lollie returned with excitement written all over her face.
”I found a rocking chair”.

She explained to me that she ran past a house where an old lady threw the chair out. The discarded furniture was placed on the pavement for a reason. It was pretty banged up by the weather’s doing and undoing. I wasn’t amused by LollIngetrek_1
ie’s find and it sparked some words between us.

For me, the chair was basically a piece of junk. For Lollie, a potential treasure. And so our worlds collided. Lollie parted with a firm, “You’ll see!”

…. And then I saw …

The picture is evidence of Lollie’s commitment towards the realization of potential and a testimony of my lack in that department. My wife sanded and corrected, dusted and varnished and the end product is beautiful!

It made me think that there’s no human without potential …