Fire. God is a consuming fire. Am I consumed? Who or what is burning in my soul? These are the questions I’m asking myself today. Living a suburban American life definitely doesn’t help to spread a fire. The challenge is to keep my EDGE. George MacDonald offers a prayer: “Lord, In Thy Spirit’s hurricane, strip me naked – clothe me then Thy way.”

I found this excerpt on Nouwen’s page:
The Two Sides of One Faith
Our faith in God who sent his Son to become God-with-us and who, with his Son, sent his Spirit to become God-within-us cannot be real without our faith in the Church. The Church is that unlikely body of people through whom God chooses to reveal God’s love for us. Just as it seems unlikely to us that God chose to become human in a young girl living in a small, not very respected town in the Middle East nearly two thousand years ago, it seems unlikely that God chose to continue his work of salvation in a community of people constantly torn apart by arguments, prejudices, authority conflicts, and power games. Still, believing in Jesus and believing in the Church are two sides of one faith. It is unlikely but divine!