Today was one of those days where the mundane overwhelmed all else. Part of my day was spent sitting with my sick daughter in the doctor’s room, the x-ray department and the laboratory. It took a long time. She was scared. She screamed when they collected a sample to check if she had swine flue. After three hours of testing, prodding and waiting she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

As I reflect on this day I realize that these situations are the kind of situations wherein I am invited to follow Jesus and become a more loving person. How do I handle the waiting? How do I respond to the long queues? What is my reaction when the pharmacy run out of medicine and asks me to come back after two? What happens on my face when I arrive after two and they still don’t have the medicine?

These are the places that reveal my following of Jesus. ┬áThese situations are not only a place of revealing but also of formation. In the next few days I will have the opportunity to serve Jesus in the guise of a sick and frail five year old body. How will I respond to this inconvenient invitation that mess up my plans of ‘doing some writing about Jesus’?