spinningI had an interesting spinning class today. Spinning is an aerobic sport on a stationary bike with a fifteen pound flywheel, all the bikes have resistance knobs and you basically determine how hard you work
We were doing an extremely hard class. The class simulated a 45 minute mountain climb, starting out with easy and ending with extremely steep slopes. Our instructor (whom I have been sleeping with for the last six years) told the people to up the resistance on their bikes.

Most people were not giving themselves enough resistance and therefore not getting any workout. So my wife got of her bike and changed every bike in the room to a higher resistance! I wish you could see the looks people gave her, you could almost hear them say , “How dare you give me a harder workout?”.

Lollie then got onto her own bike and invited someone to adjust the resistance on her bike (which one of the grumpy old women did). All in all a really fun workout.

When we got home it struck me : life is like a spinning ride and if we are left to ourselves we will always choose the lightest resistance – and never get a proper workout. Then God ‘gets off his bike’ and increases the resistance …