God is amazing. For the past few weeks I’ve used a Celtic Prayer book as a part of my rule of life. July’s entry starts with the heading PILIGRIMAGE; the word is derived from the Latin word peregrinus that means ‘foreign’. The Jews went on a yearly pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Psalms of Ascent was sung during that journey,

Psalm 120:1 reads: “I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer”.

As a foreigner of this world I have a lot of troubles, yet I don’t make God a part of that conversation of my life, in the margin of my Bible next to that verse is a question: Did I take my trouble to the Lord?

Earlier this morning I did just that and God orchestrated some wonderful answers through the day. His answer came through a friend of ours and a lunch with some wonderful encouraging words. I can only hope to be a tool in God’s hand a window of encouragement to others.

Here is a part of the Celtic prayers I pray in the morning:

“Be in the heart of each to whom I speak;
in the mouth of each who speaks unto me.”

God is amazing!