God is building a community!

Yes, you’ve read it, God is doing some amazing communal things in the daily relationships of our community. The neat thing about it is that we’re not initiating anything specifically – God’s the author of all of it. Let me share just one neat thing that happened in the last few weeks:

Schalk is our friend who lives in Mozambique. A few Wednesdays ago a few of us prayed together and he shared that he needed a specific amount of funds to keep up his development work. We all prayed together. On Sunday of that week, a couple in our community gave him a check – apparently the husband woke in the middle of the night; he woke his wife and told her that he felt they had to give a certain amount to Schalk.

We were all amazed! God wove two independent stories into one beautiful chapter … He’s doing some other beautiful things too.

Today I spoke to my friend Jacques about this and he offhandedly made the comment that it’s amazing all we had to do was destroy some of the structures that don’t allow people to relate to each other and then watch God work! That’s it – He is the builder of His church.