We have some amazing news to share. For the last nine months we’ve lived with my parents. Hats off for especially Lollie, she shared a bathroom with four other people. My parents have been such a huge blessing in opening their home for us…

All of this changed last Sunday when one of the couples asked to talk to me after the service. They shared with us that they want to buy us a house, they both felt that was what God wanted them to do and so invited us to pray whether we would want them to do that. We’ve had a good week of praying and asking our prayer partners for feedback.

On Monday we will meet with the couple and our community’s financial stewardship board. But let me just take time now to say GOD YOU ARE TOTALLY AMAZING. With Him all things are possible. Thanks for all of you you’ve faithfully prayed for us and for a home for us.

Peace out.