Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Mozambique for eight days.  Our community will be serving at Schalk’s project – we will do a lot of hard labor.  This trip will be especially difficult for me, just thinking about leaving Lollie and Tayla for ten days is an awful thought.  Both Lollie and I feel that this trip is from God (compared to the test Abraham had to go through with Isaac this is not that difficult).  For me this is a physical act of putting God first.

Being in Mozambique always teaches me a lot – the people there are seriously poor and extremely joyful.  They live, in the real sense of the word on a hundredth of what I have and YET they live.  Jean Vanier says that the rich need the poor in order to stay alive.  It will be good to spend time with nine other people in our Kleipot family. Tomorrow we will drive through Zimbabwe for six hours – it will be hard for me.  Things are really not going well with Zim.  According to the BBC life expectancy for women is the lowest in Zimbabwe.  Please pray with me for Zimbabwe.

We will travel across two border posts and that’s always an interesting experience.  A few months ago Schalk went back to the project and as he stood in line at the Zimbabwe border someone picked his pocket and took his car key.  He realized what was going on and ran outside.  There he found the thief standing at his car.  After some negotiations Schalk bought back his own car keys from the guy who stole it.  Then there are also corrupt officials who only have the word BRIBE in their dictionary.