On Wednesday’s our community gathers at our house for some prayer. Today we prayed through Psalm 49 and 117. We ended our evening by singing Hallelujah.

We also looked at Gordon Cosby’s excellent article entitled: “The invisible world”. Here are some excerpts,

Nothing in the Christian life works unless we get the hang of prayer. Christianity as a theological system, as an ethical and moral system, simply won’t do. Unless we can connect with another order of reality, the whole thing is just too exhausting to try to work through.Prayer is learning the art of the connection.

The depths of our lives, the unconscious, is so deep that many things we decide with our wills are simply not possible. But I believe we can be brushed by another world, an invisible world, and we can either go back to live in the visible world or we can decide we will look to the invisible as our source of meaning, joy, peace, direction and power.

Our consciousness is conditioned against perceiving God, but we can decide to find our meaning in the invisible, in the realm of the spirit.

If the invisible is to be real to me, I must set aside time to train my spirit to sense a whole new dimension of being.

You can find the article here.