We often use the phrase “if I walk in your/their shoes”, which basically says “If I experience life through your eyes.” Problem is not all people have shoes, at least not in Africa.

On our trip to Mozambique at the end of May, I decided to walk to my destination barefoot, like most of the children in town. My experience was interesting. I felt every texture beneath my city-cushioned feet. Every sharp rock or pointy tar protruded into me and for the first time I literally “felt” the road I walked.

Without the comfort of shoes I had to concentrate on where I placed my next step. The few miles to my destination felt excruciating long and I kept on calculating how long it would take. The locals looked at me, the “white man” and couldn’t believe the fact that I walked barefoot.

That made me think that we serve a barefoot Savior, willing to shed his Celestial Sneakers and deliberately walk with us, feeling everything we feel – that’s why I love Him. Maybe we could translate Phil 2:6-7 like this:

Even though he had the coolest sneakers in town, he didn’t consider keeping them on in comfort, he stepped into our shoes, which meant he took them off and walked the dusty roads of life, barefoot like us!