How the news media would announce the end of the world:

Sports Illustrated: “Game’s Over!”
Ladies’ Home Journal: “Lose 10 Pounds by Judgment Day with Our New Armageddon Diet!”
Inc. Magazine: “Ten Ways You Can Profit from the Apocalypse.”
CNN: “World Ends; Women and Children Most Affected.”
J. C. Penney’s Catalog: “Our Final Sale.”
America Online: “System Temporarily Down. Try Calling Back in 15 Minutes.”

Funny but also sad! Too much media and glitz utilized in the kingdom at the moment – Marketing Jesus is sooooo dangerous.

The culture conditions us to approach people and situations as journalists do: see the big, exploit the crisis, edit and abridge the commonplace, interview the glamorous. The Scriptures and our best pastoral traditions train us in a different approach: notice the small, persevere in the commonplace, appreciate the obscure.
Citation: Eugene H. Peterson